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English exams

Dear parents and Carers

Year 9 have English exams two weeks after the half term holidays. Miss Sutherland, Head of English has advised they should undertake the following revision to maximize their outcomes in the mock. The data from the internal exams will form a final end of year grade which is shared with the Education department. Please do encourage your child to revise over multiple occasions during the holidays rather than leaving it until the end of the holidays, as this has a greater impact. Furthermore we note that where parents are involved in their child's revision, it often leads to enhanced results, so where, possible please do work with your child and their revision.

The Head of English advises they should revise the following:

For English pupils need to revise The Woman in Black and Macbeth. They should ensure that they know the plot, key characters and themes.

We will be testing them on their ability to find quotes, analyse language and structure and some creative writing.​

They will not need to remember any quotes as they will have extracts however the following link will be helpful.

Please go to the BBC bitesize website and search for Woman in Black and Macbeth.


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