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Year 9 Options

Options Overview:

This is a very important time in your child’s education. The courses they choose now will map out the route that they are likely to follow post-16 and beyond. Their future destinations; whether in work, training, vocation, further or higher education, will depend on the results they achieve over the next two years.

Our curriculum is designed to allow greater choice for all students. It is important for you, as parents, to understand the choices available and what they mean for your child. Keeping the dialogue open between school and home is vital as this is a time that many students find stressful.

We will support your child by:

  • Providing students with information about all options subjects
  • Helping students to understand the requirements for their career choices through careers education and guidance
  • Providing parents and carers with accessible information and opportunities for online or face-to-face guidance so that they are able to effectively support students in the options process

We will guide students towards:

  • Subjects they are good at
  • Subjects they enjoy
  • Subjects that will stretch and challenge them
  • A balanced range of subjects
  • Subjects that are linked to individual progression plans Post 16 and beyond

We will make every effort to accommodate your child’s preferences. Courses can only run if sufficient numbers choose them and some timetabled options may be incompatible because they are taught at the same time. We always ensure clashes of subjects are kept to a minimum. If there is a difficulty, we will discuss the best solutions with your child at the centre of any decisions made.

We are very proud of the curriculum we have at Le Rocquier School as it represents real choice and opportunity for students of all abilities, caters for their interests and better meets the needs of employers and higher education. We try to create a bespoke curriculum for all students, allowing them to choose a combination of options that best suits their future needs. Students will be given options guidance and careers advice from a senior member of staff before the final choices are made.


Key Dates:

November to December:

- Students are given an overview of the options process in assemblies and form time

- All students will be surveyed to establish their educational and career aspirations

- A member of the senior team will meet with students individually to discuss their responses and guide choices for the options process

January to February

- Subject that are not taught in Key Stage 3 are given an opportunity to share the content of their subjects in assembly

-  Videos for all options subjects will be available on the school website for students to view

- An options booklet is given to each student which contains detailed information on each subject

- Options Evening held on Wednesday 8th February at le Rocquier School – giving parents and students a chance to speak directly to teachers about potential GCSE option choices

- Students surveyed about which courses they might be interested in – only to help us determine how many classes of each option we need


March to April        

- Y9 Parents Evening on Wednesday 8th March at Le Rocquier School

- Complete options form by Friday 10th March and return to form tutor

- If there are any concerns, students will be interviewed individually about their choices by a member of the senior staff or careers staff

- Option groups agreed

- Staffing agreed


May to July         

- Students and parents informed of final options allocations

- 10th July to 21st July: Students will start their Year 10 timetable for the last two weeks of the summer term to ensure they have made the right choices



The options process can be daunting for students who aren’t sure what they want to do in the future. Students can seek advice from any of the following members of staff:

* Your child’s form tutor                              * Mr Williams (Head of Year)

* Mrs Lappin (Head of Careers)                 * Mr Long (Careers Teacher)

* Mr Logue (Careers Teacher)                    * Mr Adkin (Headteacher)

* Mrs Baglin (Senior Teacher)                    * Mrs Shipton-Taylor (Senior Teacher)

* Mrs Hansford (Senior Teacher)               * Mrs Stier (Senior Teacher)