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Staff Contact List

Please see below for details of how to contact individual staff members.  Listed are teaching staff, plus heads of houses and key support staff members.

Staff Name Staff Role Staff Email 

Full Name

Work Email

Job title

Mr A Adkin


Mrs J Agostinis

Key Worker

Mr R Ali

ICT Teacher

Miss F Allen

Faculty Leader - Humanities

Mrs G Amy

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss E Austin


Mrs S Baglin

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs N Balleine

Humanities Teacher / Head of House / Assistant Head of Year

Miss K Barette

Foundation Curriculum Teacher

Mr Y Belkebir

Maths Teacher / Head of Year 10

Miss S Bensaid

English Teacher

Ms S Birkinshaw

Supply - Business & Maths Teacher

Mr G Bourgoise


Mrs J Bridge

JP English Teacher

Mr M Brignall

Second in Science

Miss G Coles

Key Worker

Mrs A Collins

Admin Assistant

Mr A Cucu

Assistant Caretaker

Mr G Davies

Faculty Leader - Maths

Mrs C Davy            

Key Worker

Mrs G Deakin

Lead Teaching Assistant

Mrs Y Devereux

School Educational Welfare Officer

Ms R Dhami

Qualified Teacher of the Deaf

Mr P Dicker

ARC Foundation Teacher

Mrs C Dingle

Key Worker

Mrs M Dudley

School Counsellor

Mr C Duffy

Maths Teacher / Head of House

Miss N Eastham

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr S Elston

Faculty Leader - Tech Skills

Mrs N Espana

Faculty Leader - Physical Education

Mrs M Ewing

Key Worker

Mrs C Fitzgerald

Food Technician

Miss F Fitzgerald

Faculty Leader - English

Mrs S Fitzpatrick

English Teacher / Head of Year 7

Mrs T Floch

Key Worker

Mrs J Frezza

Inclusion Admin Assistant

Ms M Gajek          

Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss K Garcia

Lead Key Worker

Mrs M Geissmar

Lead Key Worker

Miss R Gildea

Key Worker

Miss A Goncalves

MFL Teacher

Miss A Good

Key Worker

Mr C Goulding

Maths Teacher

Mrs C Grigore

Key Worker

Mrs S Guillard

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr M Hadjam

MFL Teacher / Head of Year 11

Mrs E Hawgood

Key Worker

Mr J Horton

Design & Tech Teacher

Miss S Hudson

Office Manager

Miss C Jeanne

Key Worker

Ms A Jones

Lab Technician

Miss K Jones

Key Worker

Mr D Keys

Site Manager

Mrs M King

Acting Faculty Leader - Humanities

Miss H Kingham

Key Worker

Mrs E Langton

Design & Tech Teacher / Head of House

Mrs K Lappin

Faculty Leader - Social Sciences

Mr R Lawrynowicz

Maths Teacher / Head of House

Mr J Le Caudey

Literacy Key Worker

Mrs A Le Feuvre

Key Worker

Mrs H Leaney

Science Teacher

Mr M Logue

PE Teacher / Head of House

Mr J Long

Head of PSHE

Mr S Lunt

ICT Technician

Mrs M Mabbs

Learning Resources Centre Administrator

Mrs C Mansfield

Art & Photography Teacher / Deputy SENDCo

Miss S Martin

Trainee English Teacher

Mrs H McCarthy

Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs L McLaughlin

Key Worker

Mrs J Meyer

Business Manager

Mrs G Morlidge

Faculty Leader - Drama

Mr M Morris

Humanities Teacher

Mr I Nerac

Head of SENCO / ARC & Deputy DSL

Miss M Nicol

Key Worker

Miss E Nursey

Science Teacher

Miss K O'Haire

Faculty Leader - Creative Arts

Mr D Osborne

Director of IT / Head of Computing

Mrs A Pattinson

Lead Teacher in Employability Pathways

Miss S Pearson

Head of Dance / Head of House

Mrs A Perkins

Lead Teaching Assistant

Miss L Peters

Humanities Teacher

Mrs C Pinheiro

Faculty Leader - MFL

Mrs M Pinto

Business Studies Teacher

Mrs T Pryor

School Counsellor

Mr J Reidy

Lead Teaching Assistant

Miss A Roberts

Science Teacher

Mrs K Roberts

Key Worker

Miss M Roberts

English Teacher

Mrs A Romeril

Head of ARC

Mrs M Ross

Attendance Officer

Mr L Russell

PE Teacher

Ms M Saba

English Teacher

Miss E Sale

English and Drama Teacher / MLL Lead / Head of House

Miss H Savill

Second in MFL

Mrs R Shipton Taylor

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Singleton


Mrs N Stier

Assistant Headteacher

Miss G Sutherland

Assistant Headteacher / English Teacher

Mrs H Sutherland

Exam Officer

Mr N Tavares

Data Manager

Mrs M Taylor

Language Assistant

Mr C Taylor-Capjon

Humanities Teacher

Mrs C Todd

Key Worker

Mrs N Trepant

Head of Music

Mrs N Tucker

Senior Teaching Assistant

Mr T Webster

PE Teacher / Head of Year 8

Mrs A Williams

Lead Key Worker

Mr A Williams

Design & Tech Teacher / Head of Year 9

Mr S Wood

Faculty Leader - Science