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School Leadership

Below are roles and pictures of our Senior Leaders

Senior Leadership Team

  • Andrew Adkin



  • Sam Baglin

    Deputy Headteacher

    Deputy Headteacher – Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

  • Roxanne Shipton-Tayler

    Deputy Headteacher

    Deputy Headteacher - Inclusion

  • Nina Stier

    Assistant Headteacher

    Assistant Headteacher – Pastoral

  • Helen McCarthy

    Assistant Headteacher

    Assistant Headteacher - Teaching, Learning and INSET

  • Gemma Sutherland

    Assistant Headteacher – Teaching, Learning and Jersey Premium


  • Iain Nerac

    Special Educational Needs Coordinator

  • Nicola Eastham

    Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)


  • Susie Pinel

    Chair of Governors

  • Michelle Clark

    Vice Chair of Governors

  • Debbie Bertram

    Invited Governor

  • Viv Armstrong

    Invited Governor

  • Lindsay Ash

    Invited Governor

  • Rob Matthews

    Invited Governor

  • Rebecca Dolan

    Parent Governor

  • Ross Henderson

    Parent Governor

  • Melanie Bull

    Parent Governor

  • Dominic Lodge

    Staff Governor

  • Julie Meyer

    Business Manager and Clerk to the Board of Governors

    If you would like to contact the Governors, please email Julie at