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Insurance Documents

Some school trips are booked through travel companies and have insurance included and other trips are booked direct from school and use the Government of Jersey Insurance. 

We highly recommend that personal travel insurance is also taken out on top of this basic Government cover.  We are using this insurance for the Manchester Trip in 2023 and have advised parents to take additional insurance cover.

Personal items such as phones and expensive clothing have limited insurance cover under these policies and if taking expensive items away, please ensure they are insured fully under your household insurance.

How to make a claim is explained within each version of insurance.  Limits of insurance are also explained in the documents.

Please contact our Business Manager for advice.

Deposits for trips are always non-refundable as the flights and other initial expenses are non-refundable to the school.  If a student withdraws from a trip after paying a non-refundable deposited, the school cannot refund the deposited, and it will need to be an insurance claim IF the reason for withdrawal is covered by insurance.