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Exam Results

November Update - 2022 Exam results

We are delighted with the GCSE results that we have achieved this year, amongst the best the school has ever produced.  Students have surpassed our expectations and the targets set for the school.


CYPES Target


Best English (Grades 9-4)



Best English (Grades 9-5)



Maths (Grades 9-4)



Maths (Grades 9-5)



(These targets are set by CYPES (Education Department) for the schools based on CAT test predictions and prior attainment.)

Value Added:

The following subjects met or exceeded their expected Value Added (Each student is set a minimum expected GCSE grade or 'MEG' for each subject they take.  A subject adds value by on average, achieving more than the student's MEG.  Where a subject has +1 VA means that on average, students taking that subject achieved one more grade than their MEG.

  • 77% or 17 from 22 subjects achieved or exceeded their expected GCSE grades and added value.
  • 12 subjects had a value added score of more than half a grade per student.
  • 8 subjects had a value added score of more than 1 grade per student.
  • 5 subjects had a value added score of more than 2 grades per student
  • Average VA that each student achieved above their MEG in the exams they sat +0.63 or about 2/3 of a grade above MEG per student

The following GCSE Subjects all met or exceeded their expected GCSE grades...

Business Studies

Child Development


Design & Technology



Food Preparation & Nutrition










Other notable outcomes:

  • 71 students or 53.0% of students gained 5 grades 9-4 including English and mathematics (compared to 50.4% in 2021)
  • 49 students or 60.5% of students gained 5 grades 9-5 (compared to 58.7% in 2021)
  • 61% of all GCSE grades were grades 9-4 (57%)
  • 98% of grades were 9-1 (98%)
  • All our ASDAN Students passed their course
  • 10 students passed their Level 1 Construction Course

Comment from Results Day 2022:

We had an amazing exam results day.  The results are very good, and it was really pleasing to see students happily accepting their A Level, B-Tec or IB courses at Hautlieu, Highlands, JCG and Victoria College.  A change this year was the noticeable number who have secured good quality training courses or internships with local employers.  Here are some provisional headlines from the many outstanding achievements:

  • English Literature – 94% passed
  • Several subjects with a 100% pass rate and over 10 subjects with at least a 75% pass rate
  • 5 passes including English and Maths - our highest pass rate for many years
  • In two subjects, over 25% of all grades were grade 9, the highest possible
  • Eight subjects had over 25% of grades in the 7 to 9 band
  • 75% of subjects delivered positive value added, with some as much as 2 grades more than expected.

These amazing results were achieved through the support of our teaching, TA, support staff and parents, plus of course, the hard work of our fantastic Year 11 students.  We wish them all the very best in the future, and continued success off the back of these excellent results.