Parents/Carers tip for January 2009

Teenagers often make poor choices as they can't see the long term
consequences of their decisions. Parents and Carers often say that they wish
they had made better choices when they were at school.  Teenagers often need
some adult prompting to help them look ahead.

Encourage children and teenagers to consider their behaviour through the
filter of these 3 questions:

1. Is the choice safe for me?

2. Is the choice fair to others?

3. Is the choice smart and in my long-term best interests?

You can use these questions to help your son/daughter make sensible
decisions or to help resolve difficult situations that had poor outcomes so
they can see where they went wrong.

Decision-making is hard work for parents as we are always treading a fine
line between being too protective and not protecting children enough.

But if we want children to begin to make smart choices and be in control
rather than out of or under control we need to equip them with knowledge and
skills as well as opportunities to do so.

If you require further help and advice with parenting please contact school.