Pupils are set across half-year groups in KS3. 
Pupils follow a scheme appropriate to their ability.
Pupils are set at the beginning of year 7 generally into 4 sets across a half year group.
Set 1 follows work at levels  5, 6, 7 during KS3.
Set 2 follows work at levels  4, 5, 6  during KS3.
Set 3 follows work at levels 3, 4, 5 during KS3.
Set 4 follows work at levels 3, 4, 5 during KS3.

Added support is given to those pupils working at level 2 on entry.
Extension work is provided to pupils who are working above and beyond the expected level for their groups.
Lessons are varied with opportunities to develop in areas such as numeracy, problem-solving, working with others, communication, literacy and ICT.  Pupils are continually encouraged to develop their thinking skills.
More able pupils (Gifted and Talented) are stretched by extension work in lessons and are provided with extension work aimed at extending pupils above and beyond their potential.  

Pupil's are regularly given homework.  Homework may either be a written piece of work on a topic or may be an internet- based worksheet.  The homework is set to consolidate pupils understanding of the topics currently being studied. Pupils are formally assessed several times a year. Set changes can take place once evidence has been collected to support a pupil’s movement.