business studies smThe GCSE Business course covers a broad range of business areas from retail, human resources, finance, sales and marketing to communication and administration.

The subject is designed to introduce students to working in the different business sectors and to prepare them for employment or further study at Hautlieu.

Studying Business at Le Rocquier will give students an understanding of how the different industries work, how the UK, States of Jersey and the local economy operate while equiping them with the tools they need to gain employment here in Jersey or university across Jersey, or further afield.

Specific information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum and how it is assessed:
The course is 75% exam and 25% coursework.

There are three units to be completed over the two years.

Candidates can acheive any grade from A* - G. The harder they work the greater the reward.

Department slogan: ‘Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune”