This is an option at GCSE only. The Psychology GCSE follows the AQA specification which covers 8 units of work over the two year course. Each unit includes numerous definitions, key theories and explanations, as well as supporting psychological research. Students are taught deep understand of knowledge about the human mind and behaviour as well as the biology and structure of the brain.  The mental processes and behaviours that are studied are then applied to real life situations and students are required to analyse cause and effect whilst referring to the nature or nurture debate. 

Over the two years, students will study:

Unit 1: Cognition and behaviour

Unit 2: Social context and behaviour

1. Memory

1. Social influence

2. Perception

2. Language, thought and communication

3. Development

3. Brain and neuropsychology

4. Research methods

4. Psychological problems

The course is assessed by 2  examinations at the end of Year 11

This qualification is for students aged 14-16 who wish to develop applied knowledge and practical skills in the area of human thinking and behaviour. It provides a strong foundation to study A-Level Psychology and beyond.

Teaching Staff:  Mrs Lappin