“Our School, Our Education, Our Future”

Le Rocquier School is, first and foremost, a place to learn.  We aim to provide a high quality of education, both in terms of academic achievement and in terms of personal development through wide curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.

We focus on the concept of partnership:  partnership of school, student and parent.  Within this partnership, we can provide effective learning.
We have a highly trained and committed staff, who aim to provide high quality lessons and set high standards – both in and out of lessons.

Our Pastoral System is based on the Form Tutor who takes responsibility for their form – usually between 20 and 25 students – and is responsible for monitoring their academic progress and welfare.  Form Tutors are supported by Heads of Year.  The Form Tutor develops a strong form identity and spirit of unity.  Students are encouraged to co-operate with each other and work as a team in many areas of School life.

The Form Tutor’s role is to develop an effective and sympathetic relationship with each of the young people in the form.  Tutors are the key to a student’s personal development: there to offer advice or discipline; to be a listener and act as a liaison between student and staff.

The form group provides an opportunity for some very valuable experiences.  Inter-House sporting events take place regularly and allow all students to have the chance to represent their House.

Our partnership with students encompasses Year Councils where students and staff meet to discuss events and initiatives.  Students at Le Rocquier are very good at proposing improvements to the school!

A team of students and staff produced the Code of Conduct.  Specialists – not Form Tutors – teach PSE and help students in their personal development.

Project Trident work experience is well established. A number of students go on to complete the Personal Challenge and Community Service parts of the Award.  All three sections lead to the coveted Trident Gold Award, gained by some of our students.

Our House System is based on an international theme.  All staff and students are allocated to a House.  Events are organised on a regular basis.

We celebrate achievement at every opportunity!  We celebrate achievements in assemblies and in our annual Awards Week when parents, too, come in to join us.  Our rewards system is based on stamps.

Le Rocquier School is at the forefront of using ICT to enhance learning.  Our curriculum network has been enhanced and students enjoy a rate of one computer to every three students.  We have the latest PCs and connect to the school Intranet and the worldwide internet. Recently the school has implemented a first class WiFi system and is about to have a high-speed gigabit landline connected.

We expect all staff to be members of the staff association. This group organises regular social occasions and benefits for staff.

All staff are required to maintain a professional standard of dress.

Basic Information
•    Student roll 803
•    60 teaching staff and 47 support staff.
•    Senior Leadership Team - Head Teacher, 2 Deputy Head Teachers, 1 Assistant Head teacher, 3 Faculty Leaders and 1 Admin Manager.
•    Middle Leaders – Faculty Leaders and Heads of Year.