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 Please find below links to resources for staff and students. There are also a number of links for contact with the Senior Management Team and all Teachers at Le Rocquier.

Click HERE if you want to contact a specific Teacher pdf (106 KB)  
Please Note: Some Senior Leadership Team staff are also Teachers and may not be listed under 'Contact a Teacher' . Please check the Senior Leadership Team link below if the Teacher your looking for is not listed under 'Contact a Teacher' 
You can use the Contact Filter Search box to search for a Teacher or scroll down the page and use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the page to move through the list.

Contact a Member of the Senior Leadership Team 
Contact the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher or another member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Access your School Email account
To access your school email account go to and login using your school network username and password (the password you use to logon to a school computer.) then click the Outlook app icon (This link is not for Google email access) 
Login to Doddle Learn as a student or parent.
Click HERE if you would like more information about accessing Doddle as either a parent or as a student

Click HERE to go to a contact form where you can request a paper copy of work sent home to your child.

Access your Le Rocquier Google Account and Google Classroom
Enter your school provided Google email address ending in and the password provided. If you dont have or have forgotten your password your Teacher can reset it for you.
Click HERE for a list of all Teachers from which you can choose to request a username and password reset.Once logged in click the 9 dot square top right of your screen then from the drop down menu click the Classroom icon to login to Google Classroom.

Access Office 365   
How to sign in to Office365. Enter your school email and network password .
If you've not used Office365 before these links may help>>>  Office365 Training Resources           Support

Microsoft Teams - End user Training for microsoft Teams . Use this link to access Microsoft training videos for Microsoft Teams ( Part of your Office 365 account)

Access a FREE copy of Microsoft Office
Staff and Students can download a free copy of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac by logging into entering their school provided email address ( and network password. Once in go to the top right and click 'Install Office'  to download a copy to your computer. 

Access SIMS         Access SIMS using a Mac

Access SupplyJersey

Report Staff Absence

Read the latest Coronavirus news from the Goverment of Jersey