Le Rocquier Wi-Fi Access Request

This form should only be used by staff or students at Le Rocquier School. If you are to visit Le Rocquier School and require Wi-Fi access please ask at main reception on your arrival and a temporary Wi-Fi access account can be given.

Please be aware that once your personal device is connected to the Le Rocquier School Wi-Fi all Internet activity is logged and recorded.

First Name(*)
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Last Name(*)
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School Email Address(*)
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Enter your school email address. At this time only submissions with a school provided email address ending in @lrs.sch.je will be processed. If you do not use your @lrs.sch.je email address with the correct year suffix it will be ignored as without the correct name and year suffix combination we have no way of confirming your identity. The year suffix is the two numbers at the end of your login name when you logon to a desktop computer at school. E.g. . 08 in this instance being the year 11 suffix.

Mac Address(*)
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Enter your MAC address. It may also be listed as your Wi-fi address. A MAC address can include only the numbers 0-9 and letters A-F and must be 12 characters in length. Your input should only contain any of the the following hexadecimal digits 0123456789ABCDEF in upper or lowercase..DO NOT enter colons between the characters. If you do not know how to get your MAC/Wi-Fi address Google your particular device to find the instructions on how to do this. You may only enter one mac address per form. If you require another device to be registered please submit another form.

Description of Device(*)

Enter a description for the device e.g. the Model no: IPad, IPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy GT18150 etc...

Please enter the displayed numbers and letters in the box then click Submit(*)
Please enter the displayed numbers and letters in the box then click <b>Submit</b>
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On clicking submit you will be taken to a document which explains how to connect the 3 main operating systems used by common devices to the Le Rocquier School Wi-Fi network.