We are very proud of our Year 11 students. In Year 10 and further down the school, they built themselves a reputation as a hard-working, committed, sociable and responsible year group. We would like to continue to celebrate their successes and build upon these for the future.

Careers Guidance:
In Year 11 students will have just eight months remaining at Le Rocquier School. Within these eight months main events include the November visit to Hautlieu School and Highlands College. Students will be selecting which of the sixth form providers they would like to visit and are able to either choose one or both. Selection also includes subjects and courses that they are thinking about studying when they leave us and we hope that by having a taster of what is on offer this will help them make clear decisions in relation to their future. By the end of January in Careers lessons, students will be finalising these choices and references will be called. References are written by Mrs Trott, Miss Rabaste and Mr Varley-Best. It is then a waiting game, and the length of the wait usually depends on the course that the students have applied for.

Students applying to Highlands College will be expected to attend an interview at Highlands College once they have been invited to do so by letter sent to their home address. Students applying to Hautlieu School will be interviewed here at Le Rocquier. In preparation for these interviews the Careers department at Le Rocquier will be ensuring that Record Of Achievement folders are complete and ready, and we also will be studying body language and practising appropriate interview techniques and answers.
Christmas: The last day of the Autumn Term the Year 11’s have traditionally held a Christmas Lunch to mark this December being their final at Le Rocquier. This event is usually held at the Ambassador Hotel. There will be more details to follow.

The Class Of 2013 Leavers Prom will be on the minds of the students all year and we would like to really go off with a bang this year. With this, comes the responsibility of fundraising. A space at each car boot sale has been reserved so that each tutor group can take responsibility for a session, so please if you have anything that could be sold, please donate. There will also be cake sales and the students have lots of ideas for the various ways that we can raise the money in order to make their Prom a really special event. The provisional date for this event is Thursday June 27th. The date of the start of study leave will be confirmed once the examination timetables have been sent to us from the examination boards. Please do not book any holidays between this date and Prom night.
GCSE Results: Results Day will be Thursday 22nd August. We recommend that all students come into school to collect their results from 10 a.m. until midday. Once they have collected these results they can then start to communicate with their chosen sixth form provider.

If you have any concerns about your child, Please do not hesitate to contact your childs form tutor>>> Contacts list