We are very proud of our Year 10 students. Throughout the last academic year they worked extremely hard and exhibited excellent commitment to learning. We feel so privileged to be associated with them. We will continue to guide them, mentor them and nurture them throughout their schooling at Le Rocquier
School. We will explore every avenue to meet the academic needs of every single student. We will do our utmost to help them live their dreams.

Junior prefects:
For the second time in the history of Le Rocquier School, a junior prefect team has been elected and appointed to help and support the Senior Prefects. The Junior Prefects team consist of a Junior Head Boy and two assistant Head Boys, a Junior Head Girl and two assistant Junior Head Girls, as well as a
team of junior prefects. These were all elected last year from our year team.

Charity work:  
We are about to embark on our annual charity event. This year, on October 4th we will be running a Dance-a-thon in aid of the Elin Rose Appeal.

Year 10 have so far made an astoundingly positive start to their GCSEs and we have been very pleased with the feedback that staff teaching GCSE/BTEC/C&G groups have been giving. Keep it up Year 10!

If you have any concerns about your child, Please do not hesitate to contact your childs form tutor>>> Contacts list