Date set: Subject: Teacher: Class name: Task: Date Due:
15/05/2017 Science MBE 8X4 Produce a Revision Poster for your exam which will be on Wednesday 7th June. Title: Chemical Changes Include: 1 Acids, Alkalis, Neutralisation, pH scale, indicators, 2 What happens when an acid is added to metals, salts and Carbonates, 3 What is combustion It should be colourful It should have diagrams It should have facts  Use the link to the text book 05/06/2017
14/05/2017 Art all staff All groups Design an ad competition 05/06/2017
18/05/2017 English All Staff All Groups Terms and spelling 06/06/2017
22.05.2017 MFL Miss Pinto All groups Homework booklets - please do some exercises each week from your homework booklet for Cycle 4. 30/06/2017