Le Rocquier School



A parent / carer who wishes a child to be given medicine during the course of the normal school day will apply in writing to the Headteacher stating:

  • The name of the medicine
  • How much to give (i.e. dose)
  • At what time of day / under what conditions it is to be given
  • Any other relevant instructions


The form at Appendix 1 is to be completed and handed in to the School Office together with the medicine by the parent / carer, not the student, in order that the parent / carer may discuss the situation with the member of the Office Staff who will be responsible for administering the medicine.


All students are encouraged, where possible, to administer their own medicine. In the case of prescription drugs this must be confirmed in writing by a GP or registered nurse and have the knowledge and consent of parent/carer.  The Headteacher, however, must always make the final judgement on the safety and appropriateness of this within his/her knowledge of the school environment and the child’s condition.


Medicines will be kept in a secure, locked cabinet.


Parents / carers must inform the school immediately of any change of medicines or the dosage to be taken.


Parents / carers are responsible for the replenishment of medicines and for bringing these in to the School Office in person.


Wherever possible only one dose of any medicine will be brought into school at any one time.


Parents / carers must give written permission for information concerning any medical condition or allergy their child may have, subject to confidentiality, to be passed on to staff as judged necessary.


Parents / carers must ensure their child understands that they are responsible if they carry their own medication; they are responsible for taking the medication in the correct dose and at the correct time and that they will not share medicines with any other person.


Parents / carers must be aware that if they send a child to school with medication without the agreement of the Headteacher the school will not be responsible for that medication.


Students who are diabetic or who suffer from Asthma:

Where appropriate, with parental and school agreement, students should be responsible for their own inhalers and diabetes equipment (insulin, pens, and test kits) which should be clearly marked with the child’s name.  Depending upon the severity of the condition these should be carried at all times by the student.


A spare named inhaler may be provided for the school, which will be kept in a locked cabinet in the medical room.


Inhalers must always be taken on school trips.



Le Rocquier School September 2010.


For more detailed advice see the DfESC Health and Safety Operational Policy No. 2: Administration of medicines in schools.







Child’s Name: ____________________________________________________



Tutor group_____________________



Name of medicine__________________________________________________



How much to give (i.e. dose) __________________________________________



When to be given__________________________________________________



Any other instructions_______________________________________________



Name of persons able to administer medication__________________________



Phone no. of parent or adult contact____________________________________



Name of G.P.______________________________________________________


G.P. telephone No.______________________________________________



The above information is to the best of my knowledge accurate at the time of writing and I give my consent to school staff administering the medication in accordance with the school and the Department for Education Sport & Culture’s policy. The school will be notified immediately, of any changes to the above.



Parent / Carer’s


Signature________________________Print Name__________________


If more than one medicine is to be given a separate form should be completed for each.